Adobe Photoshop CS2 RAW Black and White Presets

So many have asked about my black and whites and how I get such rich black and white conversions. I have converted in raw for years and have always done this because of how easy it is to apply the same settings to one image instead of having to run an action on each one. So, here is my “secret recipe” for black and whites that has become my trademark. I’ve also included a few other conversions, but my personal favorite is the “film look”. I love it! Here are just some some snapshots done with it and nothing else but resized and sharpened.



The set includes 6 Adobe Photoshop RAW Presets:

  1. Basic Black with Vignette
  2. Basic Black without Vignette
  3. Film Look with Vignette
  4. Film Look without Vignette
  5. Mocha Black with Vignette
  6. Mocha Black without Vignette






film-look mocha-black-vignette


Original image (only resized and sharpened):


$30 (Contact me before purchasing if you work in the state of South Carolina.)

When you receive the presets, place them in your settings folder:
Document and Settings – Owner(username) – Application Data – Adobe – Camera Raw – Settings

Coming Soon: Lightroom and CS4 Presets!

Order Presets CS2 0001 presets-cs2-0001 @ $30.00

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