The Professional Touch Display Proposal for Photographers



Get your work displayed in local businesses and increase your exposure!

The Professional Touch Display Proposal shows you how to network with other businesses in your local area to promote your work and get new clients. It’s easier than you ever thought!

The Professional Touch Display Proposal is a win-win proposal for both you and that business that you have been wanting to partner up with for some great exposure opportunities for your photography business.

We take you through the complete process including:

  • The Proposal Letter (including an actual sample letter and a psd template)
  • The 5 Primary Parts of a Successful Proposal Letter – We take you through the complete process of the critical components of your proposal letter making it easy to tweak to suit your business.
  • Complete List of Various Types of Businesses for Successful Partnerships
  • Knockout Ideas of What to Send with Your Display Proposal – Getting their attention is key, so it’s important to set yourself apart
  • Display Ideas – From very expensive to even a low budget idea or two
  • Gift Certificate PSD Photoshop Templates
  • Display Card PSD Photoshop Templates


One caveat here….
Do not send too many at once. I got a very good response to my first run and did not need to send anymore. You can always do a second or third run if you want more responses.

*Non-compete Clause: Not available for sale in South Carolina, nor may this item be used should you move to South Carolina.

*All Sales are Final

Order display proposal display-proposal-1 @ $65.00

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