• Do you offer refunds? Due to the nature of the products, we do not offer refunds.


Slideshow Templates

  • How much photoshop experience will I need to edit these? A working knowledge of layers, text, and transforming an image in a layer mask (very easy). If you are brand new to photoshop, you may need to familiarize yourself with these areas a bit before you start.
  • Will I be able to use my slideshow creator for these templates? Yes. All files may be edited and saved as gif or jpg files and used in your slideshow program. If, however, you are wanting to embed (insert iframe code so that your slideshow is integrated as flash on your site, you will need a slideshow program that will allow you to do that. We do know that ShowIt Web will allow you to do this and is very user friendly. We used Show It Web to create both slideshows on our preview page. The first one is embedded and starts automatically. The second one is just a link to the slideshow. I really cannot say enough good about ShowIt Web. It is a great program and very user friendly. We also offer a slideshow creation service if you would prefer for us to create the slideshow from your edited files, upload it to your server, and embed it into your site or link to it from your site for you.
  • How do I embed my slideshow on my site? First of all, you will need a program that will generate a flash slideshow for you. They do not all have this capability, so be sure to check where you purchased your slideshow to make sure that it can do this. I can only speak from experience for the particular program I use, ShowIt Web. Once I generate a slideshow and save it, I have the option under the “publish” tab to generate code. I simply put in the location of my site (i.e. http://www.wonderfullymadedesigns.com/preview, and it will generate the exact code that I need to insert into the html code of my website. To do this, I open up notepad and copy and paste the code where I want the slideshow.
  • If my slideshow program does not allow this, and I just want to link to the slideshow, how do I do that? First of all create your slideshow and upload it to your site. Once you have done that, you will need to place a link on your site to where you placed the slideshow on your server. A link to your slideshow would look something like this:
    <a href="http://www.wonderfullymadedesigns.com/preview/lifeasartpreview750/index.html">Life As Art</a>
  • This is all over my head. Would you be able to do this for me? Absolutely. We offer a slideshow creation service just for this reason. You many purchase this here. We will send you instructions on how to send your files to us. After that, all you will need to do is edit your templates, size them, save them as jpg files, and send them to us.


Terms of Use

We’re going to try to keep this simple.

Content and design elements may only be used for the purpose in which they are sold (i.e. splash page elements may only be used with the splash page, slide show elements may only be used with the slide show, etc.). We did not want to flatten the psd files, so that you could make minor changes, but please remember, you are not purchasing the individual elements, just a license to use the design as a whole.

No part may be resold, given away to others, or used for other purposes.

We retain ownership of all designs. You are purchasing a license to use the templates for a specific purpose.

Also, please do not copy this information and pass it off as your own. The internet is a small world, and we will find you and are fully prepared to fight theft on every level.

If you would like permission for something not listed, please contact me.



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